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Climate resistance

Preeminent weatherproof silicon propylene coating is adopted in the design of New Human™ Multi-function exterior decorative panel. Through adding the ultraviolet absorber and light stabilizer in the weather-proof resin, the lasting finish can be maintained and thus making the product economical and reducing the costs for repainting.

1. Test results of climate resistance improvement in domestic
2. Periodicity
3. Worse conditions
4. Colour difference and degree of root colour
5. No obvious change for root colour at present
6. Fastness experiment of climate resistance
7. Predicted actual exposure value (year)
8. Internal measurement (exterior wall surface)


For primary panel hardening of New Human™ fiber cement cladding, it is kept in the high temperature and pressure steaming pot for a few hours, thus eliminating the phenomenon of deformation and shrinkage caused by dryness and expansion induced by high temperature. Because of this, the panel has very stable performance so the buildings made of fiber cement cladding have 50 years of warranty life.

1. Durability mode chart
2. Spray coating
3. Lining panel
4. Spray Coating
5. Tobermorite crystal
6. Cement
7. Tobermorite
8. Aciculate crystal

Green and Safety

Asbestos, used in decoration and heat insulation materials, is a natural fibrous mineral which can cause lung caner. All New Human™ products are green and safe because they do not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, xylene, radioactivity or toxic.

1. Asbestos can cause cancer
2. Lung cancer can be caused by inhaling asbestos and smoking
3. Inhalation of asbestos can cause lung cancer
4. No asbestos
5. Lung cancer can be caused without inhaling asbestos or smoking


In case of a fire, not only the fire spot but also the neighbors will be severely damaged. So the non combustible building materials of the exterior and interior walls are critically important to minimize the loss. With superior fire resistant properties, New Human™ fiber cement board will not crack, cast or chap in case of a fire.

Fire resistant exterior wall decorative material

Sound Insulation

New Human™ fiber cement board has comparable sound insulation property with double layer windows. And it can dramatically reduce the noise cause by airplane, electric car, expressway and residential environment. In particular, it has excellent effects on sound frequency of 250-1000 Hz, the most sensitive for human ear, thus creating a comfortable life.

1. Sound insulation mode chart
2. Outdoor
3. Noise

Resistance to Impact

Plant and wood fiber are contained in internal and external wall panels of New Human™ fiber cement board so this product has the fine tenacity, aging and impact resistance.

Mouse Proof and Termite Proof

Through many years of research, it is found that mice and termites can not live in New Human™ fiber cement board because of the special technology. In addition to that, there is no chance for fungi, insects and plants, greatly decreasing and preventing the harm to human health.

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