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UAE Project

In 2007, there was a project of UAE labor village which need more than 400,000 square meters of fiber cement cladding with ceramic brick pattern, impression pattern and sand rock pattern. Among all of the companies, our company was chosen after the field work as the exclusive supplier because of high quality of our product. Consequently, our company supplied 30,000 square meters product to the construction site each month and in the end our product won the praise of the clients.

New Orleans Project

In 2005, hurricane destroyed thousands of houses of New Orleans, America. Consequently, for reconstruction, officials of local government came to China and chose the supplier for house building materials. After fierce competition, our company was proudly to win the bid and then we supplied New Human™ fiber cement cladding and siding to New Orleans government. In that project, tile pattern and flat pattern were used.

Reunion Island Project

This project is for building of 40 sets of steel frame houses in a residential area located in Reunion Island, French Island. In the end, senior engineers were sent to support installation of New Human™ fiber cement cladding/siding. And timber grain pattern is used.

Lithuania Project

As a residential area in 2006, the villas in Lithuania were attractive to many local people and professional building technicians. This project is a case within our company. In the end, technicians from our company were sent to instruct the process of installation. To be more specific, broken brick pattern was used in that project.

Russia School

In 2011, there is a building project for a Russian military school. And more than 10, 000 square meters of New Human™ fiber cement cladding/sidings were used as exterior wall panels. Precisely, ceramic brick pattern, sand rock pattern and broken stone pattern were used in that project.

Temple Building

There was a project for Anhui Baiyun Mountain Temple in 2007. Firstly, uncoated fiber cement cladding was provided to local government and senior engineers and technical workers were sent to support the installation process. As well as that, according to the colour of the temple, yellow paint was used in the construction site. Broken brick pattern was used in that project.

Other Cases
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Anhui Conference Hall
Government Conference Hotel
Nanjing Villa
Mozambique Project
Shandong Project
Wuhu Hotel

As a China-based manufacturer of fiber cement wall cladding, exterior fiber cement siding and fiber cement board, our company offers sand rock texture wall cladding, flooring fiber cement board, stripe pattern exterior fiber cement siding, metal wall corner, and much more.

Main Products
  • Stone Texture Wall CladdingStone texture wall cladding, with broken stone pattern, broken brick pattern, odd brick pattern and impression pattern combined with natural textures as outstanding features displays the beauty of irregularity. Various surface textures and more that 30 unique color options help this product win the praise of architects and builders for designing of commercial and residential buildings ...
  • Sand Rock Texture Wall CladdingSand rock texture wall cladding has two attractive features. In the first place, it has subtle textures of the sand rock. Secondly, it shows charming granite and marble splendor. As well as that, there are couples of unique colour options for potential customers ...