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Fiber Cement Cladding and Siding Installation

Check the dimension of the building
Detect the levelness, verticality and spacing dimension of the frame
Mark the level line of base flashing on the base
Mark the vertical line between the two panels
Stick the breathing paper
Install the base flashing
Cut the wood fiber cement siding
Install the metal hanging piece
Install the fastening piece
Install the wood fiber cement siding
Check the levelness and verticality of panel after installation
Fill the silicon sealant
Check and repair the surface paint of panel
Inspect and accept the installation project

Installation on Steel and Wood Frame House
Installation on Concrete House
Clip Installation Details
Screw Installation Details
Main Products
  • Fiber Cement BoardFiber cement board is made of cement and wood fiber. Because of the materials, it is durable, fireproof, mothproof, light weight and frost resistant. For the characteristic of sound absorption and convenient construction, as new wall material of green decorative building promoted by the state, this product is applicable to steel and wood structure residential buildings, factories, housing renovation and activity rooms. The service life of fiber cement board is 50 years under ...
  • Brick Texture Wall CladdingThere are four different kinds of patterns of brick texture wall cladding, ceramic brick pattern, face brick pattern, tile pattern and culture stone pattern. With couple of colours for customers to choose, this product shows the glory and attractiveness of traditional brick. As well as that, multicoloured brick pattern is lately developed to give another option for designers. All of abovementioned products ...