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Silicone Sealant
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Silicone sealant is an important accessory for installation of fiber cement board. In order to prevent rainwater infiltration, this product should be added with glue gun to the longitudinal or transverse seams. As an effective weatherproof product, it can be extensively used in the construction of the siding, waterproof seal and general building materials.

Detailed Specifications

Product Bottle volume(ml) Weight (g/pc) Packaging details (per carton) Packaging Recommended joint length(m) Material Color
Silicone sealant 300 460 24pc Rigid packaging 12 Polyurethane Standard color: Transparent/grey/black/white/silver grey, etc. Nonstandard color also can be offered according to order quantity.
590 800 20pc Flexible packaging 24

We are a professional silicone sealant, sealant glue manufacturer in China. We also provide sand rock pattern wall cladding, brick texture wall cladding, fiber cement board, exterior fiber cement siding, and much more.

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