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Fiber Cement Wall Cladding

Detailed Specifications
Standard: GB/T24312-2009, ISO9001, GBT28001, ISO14001 and CE
Length: 3000mm
Width: 615mm (including 15mm tongue and groove), valid width 600mm
Thickness: 14 or 15mm
Weight: 17.5kg/sq. m for thickness of 14mm, 18.75kg/sq. m for thickness of 15mm
Density: 1250kg/m3

Fiber cement wall cladding, installed on the outer walls of commercial and residential buildings, is a kind of product which can reinforce cement quality. This product is a highly durable composite material which is made ​​of cement, wood fiber, selective additives and water. As an ideal decorative building material, this product can be widely used in residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings or old buildings' exterior walls for rapid transformation. To be more specific, fiber cement wall cladding is extensively applicable to many occasions, such as light steel or wood frame houses, interior and exterior walls of villas, kitchen cabinets, billboards, signboards, tunnels, subway interiors, gallery roofs, ceilings, balconies, partitions, telephone booths, cars, yachts, galleries, barber shops, shops, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, apartments and so on.

According to different textures, fiber cement wall cladding can be divided into three categories, brick texture type, stone texture type and sand rock texture type. Besides that, there are more than 15 kinds of patterns and hundreds of colors for customers to choose and nonstandard dimensions are available according to different requirements. In addition to that, there are a lot of patterns, contours and colors to match different designs.

Obviously, there are quite a lot of features for fiber cement wall cladding. Firstly, it is made from raw materials under conditions of high temperature and pressure steam by mold, so it has the service life of 50 years. Besides that, it has the advantages of wood's constructability and flexibility and cement's adhesive property. Secondly, this product is pretty environmentally-friendly because it is completely free of asbestos, formaldehyde, xylene, radioactivity and toxic material. In addition to that, this product is light weight, fireproof and waterproof and it has excellent performance against frost, seismic, damage, pest and moisture. Of course, it also has good property of thermal insulation and sound insulation. In respect of installation, this product can be installed quickly by saws, nails or drills. Using our product can significantly reduce customers' maintenance because repainting is not necessary within 15 years after completion of the coating. The reason for that is that a unique surface coating technology under baking condition is adopted in our factory so we can provide products with consistently high quality.

Trading Terms
Loading capacity/40 feet: 1240m2
MOQ: 400m2 for each color
Price term: FOB NANJING or FOB SHANGHAI or CIF Destination Port
Payment: T/T
Delivery term: 15 to 20 days for a single 40 FCL container.

New Human Prefabricated House is an experienced fiber cement wall cladding manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including face brick pattern wall cladding, exterior fiber cement siding, stone texture wall cladding and more.

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