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  • Brick Texture Wall Cladding
  • Brick Texture Wall CladdingThere are four different kinds of patterns of brick texture wall cladding, ceramic brick pattern, face brick pattern, tile pattern and culture stone pattern. With couple of colours for customers to choose, this product shows the glory and attractiveness of traditional brick. As well as that, multicoloured brick pattern is lately developed to give another option for designers. All of abovementioned products ...
  • Stone Texture Wall Cladding
  • Stone Texture Wall CladdingStone texture wall cladding, with broken stone pattern, broken brick pattern, odd brick pattern and impression pattern combined with natural textures as outstanding features displays the beauty of irregularity. Various surface textures and more that 30 unique color options help this product win the praise of architects and builders for designing of commercial and residential buildings ...
  • Sand Rock Texture Wall Cladding
  • Sand Rock Texture Wall CladdingSand rock texture wall cladding has two attractive features. In the first place, it has subtle textures of the sand rock. Secondly, it shows charming granite and marble splendor. As well as that, there are couples of unique colour options for potential customers ...
  • Exterior Fiber Cement Siding
  • Exterior Fiber Cement SidingCompared with vinyl siding, exterior fiber cement siding has stronger fireproof, weatherproof and lightproof performances and it is also resistant to termite and rot. It is a long process of coating for this product so the panel will not crack, rot or peel and the product is resistant to bacteria and termite damage. For options of installation, horizontal and vertical modes are available and the installation speed is very fast. For a single day, two workers can install ...
  • Wall Cladding And Siding Accessory
  • Wall Cladding And Siding AccessoryWall cladding and siding accessory, used as construction material for exterior walls, has decoration and insulation effects. Because of long-term exposure to sunlight, the quality is critically important to realize firm installation and durability. This series of products contain fiber cement wall corner, metal wall corner, metal fastening clip, silicone sealant, foam backer rod and galvanized self-tapping screw. Wall corner has decorative effects and we can design flower ...
  • Fiber Cement Board
  • Fiber Cement BoardFiber cement board is made of cement and wood fiber. Because of the materials, it is durable, fireproof, mothproof, light weight and frost resistant. For the characteristic of sound absorption and convenient construction, as new wall material of green decorative building promoted by the state, this product is applicable to steel and wood structure residential buildings, factories, housing renovation and activity rooms. The service life of fiber cement board is 50 years under ...

New Human was established in 1999, with a total investment of 25 million USD. We are located in NanJing city, near the Yangtze River. Shanghai is only 300km away and we are a mere 30 minute drive from the NanJing airport. New Human is ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:1996 compliant. We have been satisfying domestic and overseas clients for over a decade now while our flooring fiber cement board, tile pattern wall cladding, and other high quality products have been exported to over 50 countries. We have also obtained dozens of patent certificates since 2003.

Sparing no costs, we implemented state-of-the-art technology and equipment, installing them within five highly specialized workshops and four full sets of automatic production lines. Since 1999, our annual output has reached as high as 5 million square meters. New Human products have been CE certified since 2004, our flexible production lines enable us to manufacture both standard and custom products while maintaining strict quality control.

NEW HUMAN™ cement bonded particle board as well as the fiber cement wall cladding and siding are light weight, fireproof, water proof, frost resistant, sound insulated, asbestos free, and fast fixing. Our product variety has expanded along with fluctuating market demands to provide discerning clients with an even wider choice of quality solutions for commercial and residential wooden frames, steel frames, and concrete walls. We provide a diverse palette of colors and flexible customization options for most products. Our clients can expect sincere and professional services, as well as first class after-sales support. Our goal is to achieve long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships built on trust and reliability. From initial order placement to delivery and after sales services, our professional staff is wholly committed to helping clients make informed purchasing decisions.